The Goods

I believe in the power of positivity!  It has been my lifelong pursuit.  I bring my personal collection to the public.  I created books/merchandise that I wanted for myself, and I hope you enjoy!

  • each ed. different color
  • 70/50/50/30 - 1blk/2or/3blu/4gr
  • 1 quote repeated in 2 ed/3 ed
  • 2 debatable quotes: 1 ea in 2 ed/4 ed
  • full name and photo on 4 ed
  • various nuances of source material


Published, independently, through Amazon 


ISBN: (most active book retailers)

978198 3940019 (1st)

978198 4044433/083913/131942 (2nd, 3rd, 4th)

Artful Curation*Art Original, Artsy, Promoting Positivity!* 

ISBN: 97984 89976091/90672258/92537739/93433191

*+Kindle Ebook


Peace Out/Alive Shoes  Peace Out Shoes Company brand page (collection shown/each shoe relaunched asap until minimum order met/Peace Out Shoe is online, permanently, with no minimum order).